Ten Tips to Ace Your Legal Job This Summer

Pic Credit: Pixabay

It’s that time of year – summer associates and interns are joining firms and organizations across the country in a first step on the path from law student to lawyer.

If you’re spending this summer at a large law firm, you are probably hoping to end your stint with a job offer in hand.  If you’re working at a non-profit, government agency, or smaller private firm, an offer for post-school employment is less likely and often completely off the table. But you should still aim to end your summer with at least one positive reference to assist in your future job hunt.

I want to help you achieve those goals.

To get us started, here are my top ten tips for acing your summer associate or intern position.  Follow along throughout the rest of the week as I drill down on each topic with specific tips to help you succeed.  And stay tuned throughout the summer for Summer Friday posts, where I’ll be answering questions asked by you and your colleagues.

Ten Tips to Ace Your Legal Summer Job

  1. Show enthusiasm.
  2. Be responsive.
  3. Meet deadlines.
  4. Master the simple stuff.
  5. Be a professional.
  6. Ask for feedback.
  7. Implement feedback.
  8. Use your mentors.
  9. Attend the events.
  10. Work hard, but don’t play too hard.

See you tomorrow for a deeper dive into tips 1-3.