Tuesday – How to Be Productive: A daily plan for a more efficient and relaxed week.

This week, I’m discussing how to increase your productivity and maintain some sense of control over your schedule, which can be hard to do as a junior lawyer.

Welcome to Tuesday, which for purposes of our productivity plan, looks a lot like Monday! This morning when you get to work, you should check out your to do list and adjust as necessary. Did any emails come in late last night? Were you too tired to re-order and update your list before leaving work on Monday? Spend a few minutes thinking about your day and re-work your list if needed.

Then do it again after lunch.  Before you leave work, make sure your list is up-to-date and re-prioritized for tomorrow.

Now that you’re getting into the groove of your daily to do list, a few notes:

  • Regular reassessments will take just a minute or two if you’re on the right track and should never really take you longer than 5 minutes.
    • Avoid the trap of using time spent updating your to do list as an excuse to procrastinate on the real substantive work on your plate.
  • Use your list to gauge your ability to take on more work. If it’s Tuesday, and you’re at full capacity for the week, use that knowledge to your advantage.
    • Example: if you get an urgent assignment on one of your cases, confirm with your supervisor that it takes priority over tasks A and B on your list, which you had been planning to wrap up this week.

Tomorrow: Updating your list with an eye toward ending the week on a high note.

Pic Credit: Glenn Carstens Peters (via Unsplash)